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a blog about trying to make a living selling hand painted clothes


CKsilver – A Feature

Looking for some great jewelery pieces to add to your outfits? CKsilver is an incredible mother daughter team that makes beautiful wearable jewelery. They use a wide range of semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals with silver to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They bring an interesting aesthetic to their work with their use of juxtaposing different stones and colors to create beautiful pieces that will add to any outfit. They have many items in their shop with a nice range of styles, so please check them out:

They also maintain a great blog:

CKsilver earrings


Turquoise Angels – A Feature

Colorful beautiful clothes and tutus for little girls and their mothers is what is featured at Turquoise Angels, . The colors in the shop stand out, they are bold and playful making a great statement. Turquoise Angels clothes for women, original art screen printed on dresses and shirts, are original and interesting. Turquoise Angels also maintains an amazing blog,, please check it out !

Unique Designs by Ms P – A Feature

Unique Designs by Ms P is  a fun shop on Etsy featuring knitted items and jewelry inspired by life. Ms P, or Paula as her friends know her, draws inspiration from moments and memories. Her jewelry and crocheted items are lovely additions to your wardrobe introducing great color and style to any outfit. Her prices are reasonable and the impact on your wardrobe is far greater than the impact on your wallet. Check out her shop for new items all the time, never know what you may find.

Don’t forget to check out her informative blog:

Ms P’s advice to new Etsy sellers is to make a schedule and stick to it.  So much of Etsy is working on the long haul and not giving up.

Another Marketing Idea

In my never ending quest to get more views I stumbled upon a new site to help with marketing. The site I found is handmade spark, $6 a month, which says it will  boost views. I have my hesitations, the look of the site isn’t as nice as Etsy, but at the same time its a very young site, only up for 5 months. A huge plus on the other hand is when I had a problem a person, who is also an Etsy seller, replied right away and fixed the problem.

Previously I used Showcases on Etsy to promote the shop. I noticed in Summer the traffic was much less, it averaged 50-75 unique views in the day. A Showcase on Etsy is $15 dollars and you are featured on the front Showcase page. I also tried the Category Showcases, where you are featured in the top banner of the category, but I found that brought hardly any new visitors to the shop.

My goal for handmade spark is to exceed 50-75 unique views in 3 months, hoping it will attract the right viewers who are interested in my shop.

Clever Crafter – A Feature

Clever Crafter is a unique and special Etsy shop that sells a variety of items, necklaces, bracelets,magnets and cards. The jewelry in the shop takes everyday items and transforms them into wearable art, examples of this are the button bracelets and the guitar pick necklaces. Everything in the shop is colorful and vibrant.

Jenni, the wonder woman behind Clever Crafter, also has a great blog, with interviews, giveaways and great information. I highly recommend checking it out as a buyer or a seller.

Jenni’s advice to Etsy sellers, “to list frequently, take good photos, and to start a blog”. Great advice for getting more views, building an audience and trying to make sales.

Etsy Teams

Etsy Teams are a way of building a community of support, “Etsy Teams are groups of organized Etsy members who network, share skills, and promote their shops and Etsy together. A Team forms around a shared location, crafting medium, or another interest.” –

I recently joined the team BEST, Boosting Etsy Shops Team, which is a team all about helping and

promoting other Etsy sellers. One way the team does this is by featuring artists on each other’s blogs,  a great way to increase traffic to your site. I can’t wait to get to meet and find out tips from other Etsy sellers.

What is in Picking a Name

hand painted bag

Before writing my blog my items had names like, Navy Dress Painted or Aqua Sweatshirt Painted, these name are boring and don’t reflect me at all. These items are personal, I am using the clothes as a canvas expressing my emotions, feelings and aesthetics, shouldn’t the name of the item do the same?

So here are some before and after names:

Painted Bag Plaid : The Fundamental Bag

Painted Bag Pink and Green : Center Of It All Bag

It was difficult to find fun applicable names that were complimentary to the clothes. I decided to pick the names around the series, these two examples are part of the Core Series.  Rather then describing the clothes I want my personality to show through, I hope it does.

(In case you were curious,  Navy Dress Painted is now called At the Palace and  Aqua Sweatshirt Painted is now Long Live the King. These are part of the Crown Series.)

First Trys

Hand Painted Tank Top

In trying to figure out how to be seen and increase traffic to the site, I went to the Etsy forums for advice. They mentioned linking Etsy and your products to other sites like Squidoo and Kaboodle. I tried Squidoo, where I found little success and the same problem, how do you get people to look at your webpages? The forums also suggested social networking sites, like Twitter. So I started a twitter account, posting whenever a new item is listed and following others to be followed myself. Nothing yet leading to my first sale.

Why Etsy

hand painted shirt

While planning my wedding, my friend recommended Etsy for invitations. I instantly fell in love with the site when I saw over 2,000 pages of invitations, all of which were fun and arty. After buying most of our wedding accessories on Etsy I was officially hooked.  Everything Etsy was my motto for awhile.

Once I painted my first sweatshirt and it far exceeded my expectations the next natural step for me was the idea of joining the Etsy community as a seller. It was a lot of fun starting the shop, designing an avatar and banner and uploading the latest painted items.

I was instantly overwhelmed when I saw my newly posted items turn up on the third page of the recently listed items, after only 5 minutes of being new. The amount of stuff on Etsy is incredible, and a daunting number to find a place amongst. Now my problem would be how to be seen.

About Vie For Color

Hand Painted Cardigan

Vie For Color  is a new shop with a new idea- to take clothes and add some color !

I got bored making collages and painting on canvas and was looking for a new medium to express myself in- looking at a solid gray sweatshirt I realized this would be the perfect way to express myself, painting clothes.

In the shop are a variety of brands and styles, if you have something in mind that you don’t see in the shop please contact me. I also take old clothes with stains and for a minimal charge paint them for you and cover those stains for good.